Monday, December 6, 2010

Supernatural Season Six Assessment

I love Supernatural.  I DVR every episode and anticipate when I can find time alone from my children to sit and watch the show.  Now that Season Six is half-way through, I have to comment.  I'll start with my only real dislike so we can end with the good stuff.

1)  I'm really not liking Samuel, and not just because he sold out Dean and Sam to Crowley.  I'm having a hard time believing that if he loves his daughter that much, he would do that to her sons.  Seems too shallow, for any character.  Maybe he and his namesake have something else in common - no soul.

2)  I've missed Castiel this season.  He was back in "Caged Heat," which aired last Friday night.  He was alternately naively funny "I learned that from the pizza man" and no-nonsense angel when he torched Crowley's bones.

3)  "Live Free or Twi-Hard" was a great episode.  It was like the first turning point in a novel.  You knew something was off with Sammy, but this episode confirmed it when he watched Dean get turned into a vamp.  And Dean made a great vamp, which is what caused a turning point in his relationship with Lisa.

4)  Contrary to popular online opinion, I don't want the old Sam back.  At least not yet.  I'm enjoying this Sam.  He's got some cojones.  Driving in the moral nuetral lane, he's made for some interesting dialogue between the brothers.  "It's what I would do," he has said several times, challenging Dean and emphasizing that he's not really Sam.  Every time he challenges Dean, it makes Dean that much more determined to get Sam's soul back.  And we all know what happens when Dean becomes determined.  (Next episode - Dean turns to Death for help.)

6)   Quotes!  The last few episodes have had some awesome, humorous dialogue.  "Caged Heat" and "Clap Your Hands If You Believe" being the best ones.  My favorite is from "Caged Heat" when Meg says to Dean while she is threatening him for information:  "Okay, officially over the foreplay.  Satisfy me or I please myself."

Here is a link to summaries of the best quotes from each episode

Is it Friday, yet?