Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The D Word

My romance novel, Entangled, is set to be released this month by Crescent Moon Press.  To celebrate, during the month of February I will highlight in my blog the main themes found in the book.

I'll start with destiny. 

It's a heavy word.  A lot to live up to.

Have you ever asked someone if they believe in destiny?  Chances are that the person you asked enthusiastically said yes or emphatically said no.  Ask the question at a dinner party and, most likely, it will lead to a lively discussion about fate versus free will.  (I've done it before.  Quite a lively discussion.)

Fate - a predetermined course of events that can't be changed - is final.  Very few people like to feel that out of control - like it doesn't matter what we do, things won't change.

We are all fated to die.  The real question is - what is our purpose in living?

Ah, purpose.  That's an easier word to swallow.

Destiny can be defined as that to which a person is destined.  Destine:  to set apart for a certain purpose.

Five years ago I read a book titled, The Passion Test.  It is a book that helps one discover their passions.  Follow your passion, and there you will find your life's purpose.  (If you feel dissatisfied with the direction of your life, I encourage you to read it.  But I digress.)

Destiny doesn't mean that you have to become a doctor, Mother Theresa, or even Bono.  It means you have to become more fully you.  My passions are my family and my writing.  When I ignore those, I wither.  When I work at them (and yes - as much as I love them - both are work), I flourish.  My cup runneth over.

In my novel, the hero and heroine struggle to accept their destiny/purpose, for it challenges their basic beliefs about who they are and how the universe works.

So what about you?  What are your passions?  What do you believe is your destiny?  Is it a question that intrigues you or makes you squirm?