Monday, April 11, 2011

Fighting the Compulsion

I am a compulsive 'to-doer.'  I have four to-do lists going at all times.  I put things I've done on the list just to mark them off.  I know.  Sad.

With a full-time job, launching a writing career, and two active elementary-school school kids there is always something to add to my list.  Grocery store?  Check.  Soccer Game?  Check.  Find ways to market my book?  Check.

Even when I have time to relax, I have to tell myself repeatedly that it's okay to do so.  To slow my mind, live in the moment, and do something - gasp!- just for fun is not a sin.  As I write this, it's Saturday and I meant to sit down and catch up on the tv shows I DVR'd a month ago.  Now I'm watching TV and writing a blog post.  I've also wrapped and addressed a box I need to mail...

Okay, so I just might be beyond help.  Enough about me.  Tell me about you.  What compulsion do you struggle with?