Thursday, September 1, 2011

Superstitious Much?

I watched the USA network's show, Necessary Roughness, last night.  If you have not seen it, it is about a therapist who works for a football team.  On last night's show, the therapist helped the team get over their superstitions about a curse that prevented them from getting to the playoffs for six years.  

Yes, rational adults are superstitious. 

Superstitions are so common that most people don't think much about them.  When was the last time you went to the thirteenth floor of a high rise or hospital?  Flew out of the thirteenth gate?  Walked under a ladder?  Opened your umbrella in the house?

It got me thinking - what do I do that is superstitious?  I don't walk under ladders.  I refuse to kill crickets or ladybugs since they represent good luck.  I do knock on wood when I mention good fortune.

Thanks to a scary story I heard when I was a kid, dark closets with doors cracked open are not allowed in my house.  Closet doors are always fully open or fully closed, so that you can see if someone is inside waiting to jump out at you.  When entering a closet, I always turn the closet light on and THEN open the closet door.  When I'm finished, I shut the closet door and THEN turn the lights out.  Nowadays I do it unconsciously, but I still do it.

I also don't ever, ever stand with my toes under the bed when I get in at night.  Consciously.  Just sayin.

So what little supersitions do you have that you hesitate to admit to, or they've become such a habit, that you don't realize you still do them?  Please share!