Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday's Milieu - Arguing over donuts

Image courtesy of Dunkin Donuts
On Monday's this year I plan to post something about the environment (i.e. milieu) we live in today - be it at work, online, or in person. (Milieu can also mean the social setting of a mental patient. Apropos for me, maybe. You decide.)

A new donut shop (not Dunkin Donuts, though we have one of those) opened up near my house that people are going crazy about. Like 110-people-in-line-late-on-a-Friday-night crazy. 

And now my neighbors are attacking each other on Nextdoor over how good those donuts are or aren't. Really people. It's a donut. Would you pick a fight in person with someone over how good a donut tastes?

I am amazed and saddened at the lengths people will go to when they attack others online. I know you've all experienced it lately. Trump. Women's equality. Immigration. You can't escape the divisiveness unless you stay off social media and boycott the news. 

Early in my HR career, I facilitated diversity classes for my employer. In the class, we had a segment where we discussed the lenses through which people see the world, and the filters that make up those lenses. Those filters aren't just about black and white or male and female. The lenses are also about whether or not you grew up in a Republican household, or went through a divorce, maybe lost your job, or what part of the country you hail from. Each experience leaves an impression, coloring your views of the world and your place within it. No two people will ever think exactly alike. So let's all remember to be tolerant of others' views.

Even if you think the donut tastes like cold deep-fried cardboard, and someone else thinks it is sugar-coated doughy heaven.